I Understand Your
Marketing Struggle

My Turning Points Story: Conquering Marketing Challenges with the Leads Machine.

Stephanie Shaw

Whilst starting out as a Web Designer, I found a mentor who taught me agency ABCs. Clients were happy and recommended me, but I had no real way to grow my business.

Once upon a time, I was terrible at marketing, relying on tactics such as offering value via social media posts and networking. Yet, this resulted in either no leads, unsuitable fits, stumbling upon a good match by chance alone, and plenty of wasted time. I realised that this was not a strategy at all, let alone a viable one. It was essentially hoping.

For more than four years, I delved deeply into marketing, trialing numerous strategies gained via in-depth research and industry experience, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I had also learned from experience that common marketing strategies just generate time-wasting leads, and had devised an innovative solution to fix this problem. Yet I still felt overwhelmed and uncertain about my marketing. So, I sought help from expert marketers, who kept recommending the same things that didn’t move the needle.

I started to look for answers again. This time I met another mentor who helped me realise that most business owners overcomplicate their lead generation process. In that moment, the epiphany struck. I already have the answers and strategies! I am just overcomplicating things and not focusing on what works, in the right way. My breakthrough was realising I needed to design a marketing system that integrated the effective strategies and my solution to generating qualified, genuinely interested prospects.

Motivated to share this revelation, I turned my biggest pain into my biggest success by helping other professional service business owners with their marketing. I’ve been where you are, and I now have the plan to help you get 100-300 high quality appointments every month on autopilot, without the usual ineffective, over-complicated marketing tactics that waste your money and time. Let’s connect and build the right marketing game plan for you.

“Through my extensive experience and research, I’ve made the marketing mistakes and done the hard work for you. I’ve left out what doesn’t work, kept what does, infused some innovation and packaged it up into a potent marketing system.”

Stephanie Shaw,
Marketing That Works

Get 100-300 quality appointments every month on autopilot