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What I love about my website: You have encapsulated who I am, how I work, and my unique value proposition… and turned it into a marketing medium. So, it’s more than an amazing looking website. This website works because it is a marketing tool that fits with my sales process. It provides an easy method to drive sales into my sales pipeline and to convert. This makes what you offer really distinct.

You’ve also captured my personality! This website is so much me, my voice. Now nobody can mimic this because you can’t steal someone else’s personality. Thanks so much for the guidance on how to take my thoughts and put structure around them to capture my U.S.P. I find this really difficult and you’ve taken the headache out of it. You made the whole ‘new website’ process really easy.

I’m loving how you’ve bought fresh ZEAL! to my website with your Steph magic. Legend!

Sharon Tomkins

Health & Wellness Coach (ACC, ICF) | Coach Supervisor, Zeal Coaching